HECKMAN"S Is Your Passover Food Headquarters

If you don't see it on the menu just ask and we will do our best to fill your needs!



Brisket $14.99/lb.

Turkey $13.99/lb.

Chopped Liver $10.99/lb.

Roast Chicken $11/half chicken

Stuffed Cabbage $11/2 rolls

Chicken Soup $6/bowl

Matzoh Ball Soup $7/bowl

Apple Kugel $45

Chiroset $5/lb.


**All meals served with a soup or salad, and your choice of two sides**

Chicken in the Pot $21

  Roast Chicken $23


House Salad or Caesar Salad

Matzoh Ball or Chicken Soup


Chopped Liver $9.50

Gefilte Fish $4.50


Apple Kugel


Potato Salad

Steamed Vegetables

Roasted Potatoes


Passover Desserts 2017

Sponge Cake                $14.50
Honey Cake                 $15.50
       Wonder Cake:    
Almond flavored pound cake with chocolate marble swirls and topped with sliced almonds and chocolate drizzle

7” Chocolate Macaroon Pound Cake        $25
               7” Strawberry Shortcake            $33.90
               9” Strawberry Shortcake              $47.90

               Tarts:        $3.50
Cookie Bottoms topped with fruit and coconut macaroons around the sides

7”Linzer Raspberry Torte Cake: $31.50
Three layers of sponge cake with raspberries, butter between layers and sides, and topped with sliced almonds.
7” Linzer Apricot Torte Cake: $31.50
Three layers of sponge cake with apricots, butter between layers and sides, and topped with sliced almonds
     Apple Strudel:      $33
3lb. Strip  

8” Lemon Roll Sponge Cake: Lemon filled cake topped with coconut and lemon
8” Chocolate Roll Sponge Cake: Chocolate filled cake topped with coconut and chocolate $23.90
8” Raspberry Roll Sponge Cake: Raspberry filled cake topped with coconut and raspberry $23.90


Matzoh Rolls – Sandwich (Per Dozen)    $21.90
Matzoh Rolls- Dinner (Per Dozen)         $15.90
Almond Macaroons (Plain)                      $15.90
Almond Macaroons (Chocolate Dipped)  $17.30
Coconut Macaroons Vanilla                      $13.50
Coconut Macaroons Vanilla/Chocolate Dipped          $15
Coconut Macaroon Chocolate                     $13.50
Coconut Macaroons Chocolate/Chocolate Dipped    $15




Heckman's Delivers

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"So Whatz Nu?"

CURB SERVICE:  Beat the Cold!  Rainy day? In a hurry and don't want to park? Need a quick Egg sandwich and coffee on the way to work? While we love to see you in Heckman's, sometimes Curb Service is the ticket.  Just call 240-800-4879 with your To Go Order (we will tell you how long it will take to prepare).  Pull up to the front door and give us a call from your cell phone.  We will be right out with your order.


Welcome to Heckman's Delicatessen!


Heckman's is a full service restaurant and bar, featuring traditional New York Style Jewish Deli Cuisine.   Heckman's was developed by Ronnie Heckman and Marc Rosemond after five years of serving the community at Brooklyn's Deli in Potomac.  
The emphasis is on fresh food, prepared and cooked in house to order.  All day breakfast, a large selection of sandwiches, smoked fish and traditional deli fare such as latkes, knishes and wonderful cakes and pastries highlight an extensive menu.   Heckman's prides itself on a full selection of dinner entrees including: Stuffed cabbage, chicken in the pot and brisket, over-stuffed sandwiches containing 10 ounces of in-house prepared corned beef, pastrami, roast beef and turkey (are favorites).  A full line of salads and vegetarian plates are also popular. 
Mark Rosemond's fried chicken and steak and cheese subs have become instant hits.  Chef Evans Rosemond's cheesecake has already developed a reputation as the best in the area.   
The full service bar, featuring premium whiskey, vodka, single malt scotch and large screen TVs both inside and outside cafe make Heckman's a great place to relax with a cocktail and watch sports or the events of the day.  Full catering for family events, parties, corporate meetings and lunches is a specialty of the house.  Whether it's a simple meat or fish platter, or a full-scale dinner or barbeque for 100, Heckman's will make the food part of your event memorable.

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